Luminics Krypton Pure Blue 9007 Twin Pack Part # LKB-9007SFZoom

Luminics Krypton Pure Blue 9007 Twin Pack Part # LKB-9007SF

Luminics Krypton Pure Blue 9007 Twin Pack Part # LKB-9007SF
Item# LKB-9007SF
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<--- Compare Luminics Krypton Pure Blue Bulb vs. Luminics Pure Blue Bulb

Twin pack (2 Bulbs)

Kelvin - 6000K

Wattage used - 65 watts/55 watts, Light output 140 watts/130 watts

Color - Pure Blue

Luminics Krypton Pure Blue headlight bulbs have a 30% larger glass envelope which in turn produces 30% more light output with a 30% increase in color depth. They are great choice for improved lighting performance, increased vision, and the Pure Blue light produced by these bulbs will give your car the HID look of high-end european cars.

These Luminics Pure Blue bulbs are coated in a process that no other manufacturer uses. The results are a blue color and light output second to none! You and everyone who sees you will notice the difference that only Luminics Pure Blue bulbs provide.

Luminics bulbs are among the highest quality bulbs made for just about every automotive headlight or foglight application. Luminics bulbs stand out with an unconditional guarantee against any manufacturer defects. This ensures you are getting the best performance and highest quality bulbs. Luminics bulbs will improve lighting performance and will give your car a custom HID look without the expense and troublesome conversion.
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